Feeling inspired by Women in Sport Week? Want to take on a new challenge? Lool no further than your local parkrun! With two Parkrun events held every Saturday in County Carlow, there is no better way to get out there and get moving.

Parkrun is a timed 5K for runners and walkers that is completely run by volunteers. You can walk, run, jog, volunteer or just watch the fun!

Carlow Sport Partnership visited both Tullow & Carlow Town Park events and spoke to some of the amazing volunteers and participants and they had some amazing advice and lovely words to say.

How does Parkrun foster an inclusive environment for women to participate?

“I think it’s because there’s a role for anyone, whether you want to volunteer, walk, or run. There’s something for everyone, regardless of age or gender. It’s a very inclusive environment, providing a cross-generational community aspect that’s hard to find elsewhere.

It’s a very friendly atmosphere; everyone’s up for a chat. Even if you just come down for a cup of tea, you can get to know people without necessarily doing the run. You might find a walking partner gradually. There’s always something to talk about.”

“It’s always accessible to everybody. I heard about it through the local volunteering center, and it’s something good for students too. As someone new to Carlow, it’s a great way to get to know people.”

“It’s great to get women out exercising. Even if you’re overweight or not very good at walking, you’re welcome to do one lap or more. I love volunteering; without volunteers, there wouldn’t be a Parkrun. Practicing during the week is essential for the 5K, but you don’t have to finish it all at once.”

“Even if you’re not into running or walking, you can still volunteer. There are different roles like Run Director, Tail Walker, Marshall, and Timekeeper, all important to make the event successful.”

“There are people from all walks of life, maybe from direct provision, who come along to walk, and other runners offer them lifts and support. Volunteers play a crucial role in this.”

“It’s not a race; it’s inclusive for everyone, whether you walk, crawl, or run. Afterward, we’re like a family, catching up over a cup of tea.”

How does Parkrun celebrate milestones and achievements of women?

“Every Saturday, we ask about milestones, and we’re all here to celebrate and encourage each other. It’s an atmosphere of celebration and inspiration. I’m inspired by all the people who run today. It sets my Saturday off great, feeling like I’m going to accomplish something.”

“From the way Parkrun operates, they have a monitored system that records all your big milestones. But beyond that, the social aspect makes everyone know each other. Today, we’re even celebrating the first grandchild for somebody. So, it’s not just about celebrating running achievements but also personal milestones.”

“Even first-time runners get the warmest welcome because we’re so happy to have new people join us.”

What advice would you give to somebody thinking about doing their first Parkrun?

“Just come down and try it out.”

“The hardest part is getting here, but once you try it, you’ll overcome the nerves. Even if you just have a great walk along the River Barrow, surrounded by nature, come on out. We want to have you.”

 “Turn up, introduce yourself, enjoy every minute, and join us at the end for a cup of tea.”

 “Come along; you’ll make lifelong friends and never regret it.”

 “It’s great fun and becomes part of your Saturday routine.”

Ready to get started on your Parkrun adventure? You can start walking, running or volunteering this weekend for more information on join the Parkrun in any capacity, you can check out the Carlow or Tullow Parkrun Facebook Pages or the website. All the links are below:

Carlow Parkrun

Email: carlowtown@parkrun.com

Website: Click Here

Facebook: Click Here


Email: tullow@parkrun.com

Website: Click Here

Facebook: Click Here