Other relevant training providers

A number of other local and national agencies provide training and education courses relevant to sports volunteers, leaders, coaches and administrators. 

Please see below for a link to some of these training sources:

Carlow Public Participation Network

The purpose of the Public Participation Network is to bring together community & voluntary, social inclusion and environmental groups in an independent structure. Through the PPN, these groups have opportunities for networking, communication and sharing of information which leads to participation in local decision making and collective action.  Members will be better informed about Carlow County Councils services, activities and funding.  The PPN has previously provided free online training in the Governance Code and Media Training.

Carlow Public Participation Network https://www.carlowppn.ie/

Benefits of membership https://www.carlowppn.ie/membership/#benefits

Go for Life - Physical Activity Leader Training

A PAL is a Physical Activity Leader who is already part of a group or club and is willing to lead activities. PALs lead their local group in things like short exercise routines, fun games, simple dances and sports like pitch and toss. Groups may be an Active Retirement group, a sports club, an ICA group or some social group that meets regularly. Groups get great benefits from having a few PALs to lead activities.

PALS Physical Activity Leader Programme  https://ageandopportunity.ie/active/pals/

Carlow Volunteer Centre

The purpose of Carlow Volunteer is to promote the value of volunteering an increase the range and quality of volunteering in Carlow.  The Volunteer Centre provides support to volunteers, volunteer managers with a range of supports and resources available.

Centre Carlow Volunteer Centre http://volunteercarlow.ie/

Volunteer Leadership Training http://volunteercarlow.ie/volunteer-leadership-training/

Garda Vetting Service http://volunteercarlow.ie/garda-vetting-service/

Post Volunteer Opportunities http://volunteercarlow.ie/post-volunteer-opportunities/

Register Your Club http://volunteercarlow.ie/register-your-organisation/

Carlow Public Participation Network https://www.carlowppn.ie/

Benefits of membership https://www.carlowppn.ie/membership/#benefits

Irish Life Foundation

The Irish Heart Foundation supports hundreds of thousands of people around the country live with the effects of heart disease and stroke. The mission of the Irish Heart Foundation is to protect their health and wellbeing and the Walking Leader Programme is a key pillar of this work

Walking Leader training is aimed at people who wish to lead a group in their community or workplace. These courses will give you all the skills you need to inspire others to get walking with you.

Walking Leader Training Level 1 is for people interested in heading up a walking group in their own locality or workplace.

Walking Leader Training Level 2 is for those looking to lead walks outside their local area on the Coillte Trails and Fáilte Ireland Loops for example.

To enquire about walking route development or walking leader training courses please contact Tara tcurran@irishheart.ie