Workplace Wellbeing

Helping businesses create a happier, healthier workforce

Ill health of employee’s leads to loss of production, staff turnover and absenteeism which has a cost implication for organisations. One way to tackle this is by using physical activity to improve the physical and mental health of employees.

Reducing staff absences by one day per year can save workplaces €1000s each year.

Encouraging your staff to lead active lifestyles and avoiding sitting down at a desk all day can help to improve their mood, productivity and concentration.

Top tips to build activity into your working day:

Walk or cycle to work

If you drive to work, park your car at the furthest part of the car park

Join In is the nation’s charity for local sports volunteering. It allows people to sign up to be a volunteer, or alternatively look for volunteers too!

Use the toilets on a different floor or slightly further away than your usual ones

Stand up at least once every 45 minutes.  Sitting for long periods damages our health

Get up and walk over to colleagues to speak rather than sending emails

When feasible, have a walking meeting instead of sitting at a table

Try an adjustable height desk to reduce the time you spend sitting

Set an alarm every hour to remind you to get up and move around

Get colleagues together to go for a lunchtime walk - a 10 min brisk walk can improve your mood and concentration

Map out a few one mile walking routes from your workplace to make it easy for colleagues to go for a brisk daily mile

Organise a lunchtime activity with colleagues, such as yoga, Pilates, 5 a side football