Carlow Sports Partnership Inclusive Easter Camps

As part of Carlow Sports Partnership’s (CSP) inclusion plan, the Sports Inclusion Disability Officer (SIDO) organised three inclusive camps over two weeks for Easter 2023.

These camps saw over 110 participants of all abilities enjoy fun and physical activity and were held in conjunction with local sports clubs and National Governing Bodies of Sport (NGBs).

A range of physical activities were catered for which included Cycling and our multiactivity camp which included activities such as Tae Kwon Do, FAI, Tag Rugby, Golf, Pound Fitness & Arts & Crafts.
For the first time we held a muti activity camp for both children and adults.

Each camp was sold to capacity and completely enveloped the ethos of inclusivity where all activities are for all people with all abilities.

"My son did the multiactivity camp at Easter and loved it. These camps are vital to increase confidence, inclusion and offer the opportunity to try new things.  You have a superb team that are so friendly, kind & considerate. The rapport they have with all the kids is amazing. We cannot wait for the summer camps!"

"We cannot recommend the learn to cycle camp enough. Our daughter went from a very hesitant cyclist with stabilisers to a confident cyclist with no stabilisers after the 1st morning. She loved the camp and her confidence grew so much over the course of the few days. She is thrilled with her new found skill and cycling every day since. The teachers were excellent, so patient and were able to recognise quickly when children were ready to move to the next stage in cycling and help them with it. Thank you so much for providing this excellent service!"

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