Physical Activity Programme for Primary Schools 2023/24

Carlow Sports Partnership has teamed up with Ireland’s National Governing Bodies of Sport to bring an exciting opportunity to your school for the upcoming academic year. This collaborative effort aims to empower teachers, enrich the physical activity curriculum, and infuse new elements of fun into learning—all at significantly subsidized rates. Here’s what the program entails:

What’s on Offer

Paid Programs

Basketball Ireland: Collaborating with SETU Carlow international basketball team, this program offers a 6-week coaching block by awarded basketball players from IT Carlow. The package includes essential equipment and coaching resources at a cost of €30.00 plus €2.00 per child per session.

Badminton Ireland: With a highly skilled tutor, this program offers a coaching block after Christmas for teachers and students, complete with racquets, shuttles, and a net, all for €45.00.

Mountaineering Ireland: An adventure into Mt. Leinster’s low land areas, providing classes with essential map reading skills and safe hiking guidance for different age groups at €30.00 per program.

School Hall Fitness: This program delivers gymnastics and fun fitness sessions by expert coaches over six weeks at a cost of €2.00 per child per session.

Free Programs

Learn to Cycle: Loaning balance bicycles along with video tutorials for teachers, aiming to boost confidence in younger pupils learning to cycle.

Sports Hall Athletics: Empowering senior students to assist junior and senior infants in physical activity. Carlow Sports Partnership provides training and equipment for an Athletics Ireland-approved course for six weeks.

GAA Handball: Offering a two-hour taster course and a detailed six-week teachers’ Handball PE program, all covered with no cost to the school.

Daily Mile: A social physical activity where children run or jog at their own pace for 15 minutes, enhancing fitness and learning readiness, requiring no additional setup or equipment.

For more information on any of these programmes, you can download our brochure by clicking here or contacting Caroline via or on 087 918 5466.

How to Sign Up

To enrol for any of these programs for the academic year 2023/24, contact Caroline via or on 087 918 5466.

This initiative promises an enriching, diverse, and fun-filled approach to physical activity for your school, fostering both physical and mental well-being among students and teachers alike.