Effective implementation of physical activity programmes for individuals with chronic conditions: an investigation of ‘ExWell’ across multiple sites.

Applications are invited for a PhD Scholarship to evaluate the implementation of ‘Exwell’ – a community-based exercise rehabilitation programme for individuals with chronic conditions. This is a co-fund scholarship where the student will be basked with the Enterprise partner: Carlow Sports Partnership.

Project summary:

The prevalence of chronic disease (CD) is rising rapidly and coupled with an aging demographic, poses a significant threat to the well-being of populations and overburdened healthcare systems. The negative impact of CD on physical, mental, and social well-being requires innovative approaches to combat decline in quality of life (QOL). The concept of “exercise as medicine” demonstrates the value of physical activity in treating CDs. ‘ExWell,’ a community-based CD rehabilitation programme in Ireland, was established to improve QOL and prevent disease progression in CD populations. The community based nature of ExWell is both a strength and a challenge for participant recruitment, preventing dropout, and scale up. Therefore, understanding the concept of “success” from the perspective of all stakeholders (participants, providers, organisers, and funders) is critical. This research will focus on addressing barriers and facilitators to implementation and identify strategies to improve outcomes such as retention, reach and sustainability. The research will engage diverse RSU V2.0- SETU PIS sheet Waterford Campus stakeholders and apply established implementation science frameworks to identify suitable implementation processes across five sites to maximise the impact of ExWell. It will also establish Social Return on investment (SROI) to determine the social and economic return of the approach.

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