The ConnectFit project is a FREE 10-week exercise programme targeted at getting people aged 60 and over more active! Our aim of this project is to forge new connections and a sense of togetherness within our community through exercise.

The ConnectFit exercise programme has been designed specifically for people aged 60 and over. Through-out this programme you would be performing resistance training with the aim to improve your health, fitness, and wellbeing. Research indicates that resistance training is a safe way to improve your strength and flexibility. Strength is particularly important to carry out many activities we do every day like getting out of a chair or climbing stairs.

Every step of the way you will be provided with expert support and guidance from IT Carlow researchers Conor and Lawrence. As it is a research project ran in conjunction with IT Carlow if you choose to take part you will be randomly allocated into 1 of 3 groups. For more details call Deborah from Carlow Sports Partnership on 0879121497 or email

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