Carlow Sports Partnership is one of 29 Local Sports Partnerships (LSPs) featured in the Annual Report 2020 published by Sport Ireland today.

The report highlights the work of the LSP Network and the impact they have on participation levels by engaging key target populations across Ireland.

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, Carlow Sports Partnership has continued to provide programmes and initiatives to ensure that everyone in Carlow has the opportunity to share in the enjoyment as well as the mental and physical health benefits of sport and physical activity.

In 2020, Sport Ireland allocated over €870,000 in Programme Funding to the LSP Network, an increase of 53% from the 2019 investment. Programme funding is at the core of the LSPs engagement with participants and allows for the delivery of a range of community, club and school based initiatives, programmes and events.

In Carlow, 2,465 people took part in 70 participation programmes.   Carlow Sports Partnership coordinated and delivered 13 capacity building training courses for 157 sports leaders and coaches.  241 people with a disability took part in 15 CSP initiatives with an additional 37 people trained across Cara’s Disability Awareness, Autism in Sport & Disability Inclusion Training and Education programmes.

Minister for Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media Catherine Martin TD welcomed the publication of the Report: “The National Sports Policy recognises the key role played by the Local Sports Partnerships in sports participation and how they can assist in the delivery of the ambitious participation actions set out in the Policy. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, the LSP network worked hard to develop new and innovative initiatives to target cohorts of the population who were most likely to be less active during the restrictions. This work will continue in to 2021 as we see the gradual return to sport and physical activity. Together we will work to increase access to sport and physical activity opportunities for all cohorts of the population”.

Minister of State for the Gaeltacht and Sport, Jack Chambers TD commented: “I commend the work of the LSPs and community organisations they worked with throughout a difficult year. By collaborating closely with organisations within and outside the sporting sector, the LSPs delivered a range and variety of programmes and initiatives in communities throughout Ireland. As we move in to 2021 and beyond, the LSPs will continue to develop and deliver physical activity opportunities that are accessible and inclusive at a local level. I look forward to seeing the activities in the months and years to come as we move toward the target set out by the National Sports Policy”.


John Treacy, Chief Executive Sport Ireland commented: “2020 was a very difficult year for the LSPs and sports participation in general. I must commend the staff and volunteers in the LSPs who adapted quickly and with agility to continue to support people to stay active during the pandemic. They embraced new ways of reaching the various groups in their community and worked together to deliver initiatives and resources at a national level.  Although participation numbers reduced in 2020 due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, we believe that the LSP network is well prepared and primed to promote a safe return to sport, in line with Government regulations. We are confident that as Government restrictions are gradually lifted LSPs will quickly return to, and even exceed, the high levels of engagement seen in 2019”.


Martha Jane Duggan, Coordinator of Carlow Sports Partnership commented:During Ireland’s COVID 19 response, Carlow Sports Partnership been rolling out a broad range of local and national initiatives targeting cohorts of the population who we know are the least likely to be active during this crisis. As such, Carlow Sports Partnership have developed new initiatives specifically designed and tailored for older adults, people with a disability, women and girls and people from socio economic disadvantage whilst also designing innovative and engaging initiatives for families, children, and teenagers”.

Declan Doyle, Chairperson of Carlow Sports Partnership commented: “Despite the COVID 19 Pandemic, Carlow Sports Partnership continues to support people to get active and removing barriers to physical activity and involvement in sport. In response to the COVID 19 pandemic, Carlow Sports Partnership have mobilised by continuing to work from home and volunteering essential resources to Local Authorities across Ireland to support “The Community Call” campaign.  On behalf of Carlow Sports Partnership, we extend our thanks to all those agencies, groups and individuals who have contributed to this report and also to all the staff and volunteers who were involved in the delivery of the programmes and projects at local level.”

The full 2020 LSP Annual Report can be viewed here

Carlow Sports Partnership 2020 Summary of Output

2,465 people participated in 70 locally delivered Carlow Sports Partnership (CSP) participation initiatives

51 females took part in 3 targeted Women in Sport programmes

700 people and 6 clubs took part in 6 Operation Transformation Nationwide Walks and Programmes

44 Clubs/Groups were provided with funding supports by Carlow Sports Partnership

150 booklets printed to support Older Adults to exercise within Covid19 restrictions.  The Be Active at Home booklet for Older Adult was distributed as part of a community response support.

241 people with a disability took part in 15 CSP initiatives with an additional 37 people trained across Cara’s Disability Awareness, Autism in Sport & Disability Inclusion Training and Education programmes

A total of 157 people participated in 13 training courses representing 115 local clubs

107 Sports Leaders and Volunteers completed 9 Safeguarding Courses

€405,046 was secured by Carlow Sports Partnership during 2020 to increase participation in sport and physical activity from multiple sources including: Sport Ireland; Carlow County Council; HSE; Healthy Carlow and government departments.

8,194 visits to the Carlow Sports Partnership website in 2020

7,203 social media followers across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

32 weekly e-bulletins were published and distributed to a weekly distribution list of 1000+

3 booklets were published and printed as a supplement in the Nationalist newspaper with a weekly distribution list of 9000+.  The publications included the Keep Active with Carlow Sports Partnership resource for children and families, and 2 x Nature on Your Doorstep booklets (Spring & Summer editions).

Carlow Sports Partnership supported 9 national campaigns during 2020 including: Keep Well; Bike Week; European Week of Sport; National Play Day; Mobility Week; Fit for All Week; National Be Active Day; Men’s Health Week and Positive Aging Week.


2020 LSP Annual Report National Highlights:

29 Local Sports Partnerships (LSPs)

340,674 people participated in 1,132 locally delivered participation initiatives

51% of participants in LSP programmes were female, 47% were male, 2% other

109,302 girls and 64,975 women took part in LSP programmes

18,161 females took part in 130 targeted Women in Sport programmes

3,646 Clubs/Groups were provided with funding supports by LSPs

7,091 participants took part in initiatives targeting Older Adults

64,524 participants took part in interventions supported by the LSP network including Daily Mile, parkrun, Playground Markings, Active Homework initiatives, and provision of physical activity resources

16,243 people with a disability took part in LSP initiatives with an additional 2,037 people trained across Cara’s Disability Awareness, Autism in Sport & Disability Inclusion Training and Education programmes

2,894,209 visits to LSP website in 2020  (138% increase compared to 2019 – 1,214,746)

184,493 social media followers across all LSP social platforms(Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) 20% increase on 2019

Sports Leaders and Volunteers completed 5,102 Safeguarding Courses

LSPs planned and delivered 276 training and education courses, workshops and seminars with their partner agencies. 31,369 people participated in these courses


Further Information: Martha Jane Duggan, Coordinator of Carlow Sports Partnership

Email: / 087 2145262